Professional Development

We understand the critical contribution that professional development makes to improve the quality of care and welfare and to raise standards. The Brookvale Groby Learning Campus aims to provide a career development programme that builds upon the campus aims/values laid down in the campus vision statement:

  • Ensure excellence is achieved together and in partnership with all colleagues.  Utilising and developing the good and outstanding practice already present in the campus
  • Value everyone by maximising the development opportunity of every member of the teaching staff


  • Build a learning community where learning is a focus for all teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Provide a quality programme of professional development that focuses on progression at each stage of a teachers’ career.
  • Develop a CPD programme where teachers take control of their learning and are continually involved in a process of reflection and progression
  • Teachers who feel part of a campus where talent is nurtured and good practice is shared recognised and rewarded.
  • Encourage collaborations with local Universities that inspire, motivated and excite.
  • A Leadership team who use their knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of teaching to mentor and coach staff to bring about an increase in the proportion of good and outstanding teachers
  • Increase the ‘social capital’ ensuring that CPD has a lasting impact on classroom practice and the achievements of our students.
  • Action Research for all staff.
  • All staff involved in the SSAT Embedding Formative Assessment research project.
  • A clear and effective performance management policy which links teacher standards to performance targets.
  • An extensive coaching and mentoring programme including the Outstanding Teacher Programme OTP
  • Bespoke professional development programmes for staff

Professional Development:

At Brookvale Groby Learning Campus we nurture talent and develop all staff at every stage of their career.

We have a whole range of professional development options and colleagues are encouraged to share good practise and collaborate in a range of ways from Action Research to Lesson Study to becoming a member of a Teaching and Learning community.

Whichever way you want your career to develop there are lots of options here at Brookvale Groby Learning Campus.

For teachers in the first years of teaching:

  • NQT mentor
  • Induction programme
  • Buddy

For teachers with 3 to 4 year’s experience:

  • SEP coordinator
  • TLC chair
  • PGCE mentor.
  • Buddy to NQT
  • Action Research coordinator
  • Member of the Drive team
  • School to school networking
  • Leadership development course

For more experienced teachers:

  • Peer to peer coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Deliver whole school/Faculty CPD
  • SLE
  • Host visiting colleagues
  • Participate in teachmeet
  • Liaise with universities
  • SSAT Leading Practitioner