Special Educational Needs and/or Disability (SEND)

Welcome to the SEND team!

At Brookvale Groby Learning Campus (BGLC) we have a dedicated team of staff supporting the achievement, progress and well-being of our SEND students.  Our team is jointly led by SENCos Michelle Tointon and Sue Varnam, who are supported by Assistant SENCOs Kay Pratt and Beth Tointon.  We work together with all staff on the campus to ensure that our students are happy at school, making progress and achieving the best outcomes possible.

As a team, we are responsible for:

  • Liaising with schools and outside agencies to ensure that we have an excellent knowledge of our students and their needs
  • Planning the SEND strategy so that our students achieve excellent outcomes
  • Delivering appropriate training for all staff on the campus
  • Tracking data and monitoring progress
  • Planning, delivering and monitoring the impact of interventions
  • Deploying the funding we receive in a way that most benefits our students
  • Working with faculty leaders to ensure that the curriculum is accessible to all
  • Completing the administration of annual reviews
  • Supporting staff in the differentiation of materials and resources
  • Overseeing exam concessions
  • Deploying support staff effectively

If you have any questions about SEND at BGLC, please call and speak to one of the team.