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Click HERE to view the PowerPoint Presentation from the recent Year 12 Parents’ evening on the benefits of Higher Education.

What should I be doing if I am thinking about university?
Groby Community College Post 16 Centre has a long and successful history of supporting students with their university applications. The Head of Post 16, Michelle Wood, has significant expertise in supporting students with their UCAS applications. Our Higher Ability Coordinator, Mark Ryman, plays a key part in enabling Oxbridge and medical sciences applicants who will have to make their UCAS no later than 15 October each year.

How should I prepare myself in Year 12 for making an application to University?
Throughout Year 12 all students should be working hard to ensure that they are securing really good predictions for their AS or A Level courses. They will also be building up a good breadth of enrichment activities, which will help their application stand out.

During the Spring and Summer term of Year 12 students will begin to research potential universities and courses. Students should be looking at the grades required and visiting Open Days at the institutions that they may apply to in the autumn of Year 13.

In the Spring Term the college will provide access to a Higher Education Fair at a nearby university. All students in Year 12 who are thinking about university should go on this trip.

The college will also run its annual Higher Education (HE) day and evening for parents. During the HE day students will be given a presentation by a local university, log on to UCAS and begin their application. The extra evening is for parents and carers of students wanting to apply to university and will provide essential advice about UCAS applications and answer important questions about finance. We work closely with a local university to ensure that you get the most up to date information.

What happens at the start of Year 13?
As soon as Year 13 starts the pace quickens and students have to move fast to get their applications completed. They key dates are essential:

  • Early entry (Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinary Science) applications to UCAS have to be completed by 15 October.
  • Pass your draft Personal Statement to your tutor for checking – End of September.
  • Work with your tutor to get your UCAS form completed
  • Complete your application and pay/send which will pass it to your tutor for completion of your reference
  • ALL UCAS applications are to be completed by Christmas of Year 13.

For extra help and information visit the UCAS website: www.ucas.com

For extra support with your personal statement and completion of your UCAS application use the UCAS menu listed here on the right hand side to click on the relevant guidance booklet and important dates information produced by the Post 16 team.