Sale in The Hub TODAY

A small group of Year 11 students will be holding a sale of handmade cards and crafts in The Hub this lunchtime.  Proceeds will go towards the activities of Explorer Scouts.  Thank you.


Due to exams, The Hub will be closed at break and lunchtime for the whole of this week. For those who attend Oasis, you are welcome to come to Room 31 however there is a NO FOOD policy.  Please eat your snacks/lunch before you arrive.  Thank you.



Word of the Week – 4th June


(adj) well meaning and kind

Synonyms: kind, good, gracious, helpful, decent


To analyse:  The writer suggests that the character is benevolent using the metaphor ‘a heart of gold’.

To describe:  A genuine and glowing smile stretched across her benevolent face.


Write a sentence using this word, put your name on it and hand it in to Miss Chapman in the English office for a chance to be this week’s Word Warrior and win a prize.


The Word Warrior for week commencing May 21st ‘Abhorrent’ is Lewis Rae, 7IKN. Please see Miss Chapman on Tuesday morning to collect your prize.