YearTerm 1Term 2Term 3
Year 7
(9 week rotation)
There is no Dance within Performing Arts in Year 7 and 8. Dance is covered at this stage as part of the PE curriculum. There are also extra curricular opportunities to dance available. Dance becomes one of the option subjects offered in Year 9 for those students who may be thinking of taking Dance or Performing Arts as an Option Subject in Years 10 and 11.
Year 8
(9 week rotation)
Year 9
(2 x 9 week rotations)
First 9 week rotation - Dancing in Musicals:
- Improving technique
- Performance skills
- Group dance skills
- Dance for purpose

Second 9 Week Rotation - Choreography:
- Dance ideas
- Motif
- Motif development
- Use of space
- Levels
Year 10Unit 1 Exploring the Performing Arts (30%):
- Examine professional practitioner’s performance work
- Explore the interrelationships between constituent features of existing performance material

Unit 2 Developing Skills and techniques in the Performing Arts (30%):
- Develop skills and techniques for performance
- Apply skills and techniques in rehearsal and performance
- Review own development and performance

These two units will run alongside each other throughout Year 10
Year 11Unit 4 Dance Skills (50%)

Contemporary and Jazz:
- Completing contemporary dances
- Final evaluations
- Performance showcase (November)
Unit 2 Planning, Performance and Production (25%)
December/Spring Term/April

Staging a Dance Show:
- Choosing a theme
- Learning choreography
- Choreographing dances
- Production roles
- Staging ideas
- Effective rehearsal
- Performing a show for a paying audience
- Evaluation