Further Maths A Level Course Content

Further Maths at Post 16, we follow the Edexcel A Level course, with option units in Decision Maths and Further Mechanics.  The subject is best suited to high-achieving mathematicians wanting to go a little further than the standard three A Levels.  Many students opt to sit the AS qualification at the end of Year 12, in order to then focus on their three main subjects.  It is expected that students opting for this course are extremely able mathematicians, and have a desire to work independently and quickly on complex problems.  This is an extremely important subject for anyone considering Engineering or Maths courses at university.

Year Term 1Term 2Term 3
Year 12Pure Maths:
- Complex Numbers
- Matrices

Decision Maths:
- Algorithms
- Networks
- Critical Path Analysis
Pure Maths:
- Roots of polynomials
- Series
- Transformations

Decision Maths:
- Graph Theory
- Route Inspection Algorithms
- Linear Programming

- Momentum
- Impulse

Pure Maths:
- Vectors
- Proof by Induction
- Volumes of Revolution

- Elastic Collisions
- Work, Energy and Power

Revision for AS exams

Year 13Pure Maths:
- Further work on Complex Numbers
- Series
- Volumes of revolution

- Elastic Collisions in two Dimensions
Pure Maths:
- Further Calculus
- Polar Coordinates

Decision Maths:
- Travelling Salesman Problem

-Elastic Strings and Springs
Pure Maths:
- Hyperbolic Functions
- Differential Equations

Decision Maths:
- Further work on Critical path
- Analysis
- The Simplex Algorithm

Revision for A Level exams