YearTerm 1Term 2Term 3
Year 7What is Geography?
– An introduction to Geography and basic map reading skills.
– Their processes and the effects of flooding on people and the environment.
Africa, trade and development:
– Geography and knowledge of the continent and development within.

Fieldwork investigation:
– Water infiltration study.
Year 8Tectonic hazards:
– Focussing on Volcanoes, earthquakes and Tsunamis. Comparing the effects of hazards in a rich and poor countries.
Sustainable Tourism:
– What is tourism? Positive and negative impacts and how to be sustainable.

Fieldwork investigation:
- Renewable energy assessment on Campus.
Energy and our future:
– Global warming effects and the necessity to reduce the problems/damage.
Year 9Map skills:
– A recap and embedding of the skills learnt in previous years.

– How they shape the landscape, their landforms and the management of this environment.
A global perspective on development issues:
– Detailed understanding of how/why different countries develop and the implications that follow.
Fieldwork investigation:
-Traffic survey.
Year 10- Urbanisation in contrasting global cities.

- How ecosystems function & ecosystems under threat.
- Rivers & river management.

- Global perspective on development issues.
- Urban and rural process & change in the UK.

- Sustainable communities fieldwork.

- Component 3
Year 11- How ecosystems function & ecosystems under threat.

- Mitigating risk field work.

- Water resource & management.

- Desertification.
- Climate change - cause and effect.

- Weather and climate.
- Urban and rural process & change in the UK.

- Revision for all components.