YearTerm 1Term 2Term 3
Year 7What is History?

How is History studied?
Who were the invaders?

What impact did the invaders have on Britain?
What makes somebody British?
Year 8Were the Tudor and Stuart Monarchs saints or sinners?How does our government work?

Why does a Parliamentary system develop?
How did the industrial revolution affect Britain?
Year 9How have people had rights removed?

How have people fought for their rights?
What rights and responsibilities do we have as citizens? Start of the GCSE course: America in the 1920s.
Year 10War and Medieval Society.

America 1930s - 40s.
Early Modern War and Society up to the English Civil War.

Personal Rule to Restoration.
Early Modern War and Society after the Civil War.

International Relations up to 1939.
Year 11Castles
International Relations up to 1990.
Modern War and Society.

The Post Cold War World.