New ‘StudyWith’ website!

‘’ is a new innovative project!

Students from Brookvale Groby Learning Campus applied to be part in an amazing project, which brings together and showcases technology in an education setting, by creating an Online Learning Platform.  25 students across all three key stages, were chosen to work with Lenovo and PCS Business Systems, to create a website named ‘StudyWith’ which is a website to help teachers and students collect resources and have access to an array of lessons for specific subjects and key stages.

On the 11th December, 25 Brookvale Groby Learning Campus students took a trip with 31 students from Elizabeth Woodville Primary school, to Liverpool World Museum. The aim of this trip was to collect first hand learning resources, film the childrens’ reactions to certain subjects and film with Lenovo. The Year 5 students from Elizabeth Woodville were there primarily to help the Brookvale Groby students create content and give feedback of the trip, but to also have an enjoyable and educational trip.

On the 20th December, TV personality, Helen Skelton visited both Brookvale Groby Learning Campus and Elizabeth Woodville Primary School, to create content for a promotional video, so that Lenovo can advise the website at the Bett Show and other locations.  

Helen Skelton
is in the centre of the picture above left, with the project team, and above right, being filmed with the VR headsets on, whilst in a classroom teaching environment.

All of this content is leading up to being displayed at the Bett Show in January 2019, where we will showcase what we have created for Lenovo.

Overall, we would like to thank all of our colleagues that have supported and aided us in this project. But mostly, we would especially like to make it known that we are very grateful for the teams from PCS and Lenovo for making this all a reality.   @PCSbusiness    #lenovo      #VR      #tech    #education.

Written by Brookvale Groby Year 12 students; Emily Oxman, Rosie Jeffrey, Jenna Batty, Emma Bailey.