Performing Arts (BTEC)

YearTerm 1Term 2Term 3
Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10Unit 1 Exploring the Performing Arts (30%):
- Examine professional practitioner’s performance work
- Explore the interrelationships between constituent features of existing performance material

Unit 2 Developing Skills and techniques in the Performing Arts (30%):
- Develop skills and techniques for performance
- Apply skills and techniques in rehearsal and performance
- Review own development and performance

These two units will run alongside each other throughout Year 10
Year 11Unit 4 PA Skills (50%)

Performance Showcase:
- Demonstrating skills
- Selecting and staging exerts
- Final evaluations
- Performance showcase (November)
Unit 2 Planning, Performance and Production (25%)
December/Spring Term/April

Staging a Show:
- Choosing a Theme
- Learning blocking and setting
- Choreography /blocking/learning singing parts
- Production roles
- Staging Ideas
- Effective rehearsal
- Performing a show for a paying audience
- Evaluation