Primary Science Morning – 11th March 2019

On 11th March, Brookvale Groby Science department welcomed 36 very enthusiastic and able Year 5 & 6 pupils, from 9 local Primary Schools, to embark on a morning of Science discovery, exploring our labs and attempting to extract crystals from a mysterious solution.

The sessions were very well received and pupils excelled themselves in asking and answering in depth scientific questions, showcasing their talents for all things Science! They were required to use a Bunsen burner safely, utilise potentially dangerous scientific equipment and solve various problems in order to enjoy filtration and evaporation experiments to see who could think like real scientists and produce the largest crystals.

The session also involved exploring flame tests (looking at how different metal based solutions burned) and watching a demonstration of ‘elephant’s toothpaste’!  Click on the links below to view the videos:

                      Elephant’s Toothpaste video                        Flame Test video

The primary pupils’ conduct was exemplary throughout and we found it very difficult to select a top performing few to receive ‘top performing scientist’ certificates.  A top well done to all involved.

Mr Bailey
Assistant Faculty Leader for Science and Key Stage 3 Science Lead