Product Design/Engineering Design

YearTerm 1Term 2Term 3
Year 7
(9 week rotation)
Slottables Project:
- A small, flat pack, children's toy from manufactured board.
- Basic work shop skills using a variety of equipment, including coping, tenon and scroll saws, disk sanders.
Year 8
(9 week rotation)
Design Movement Clock:
- A clock inspired by a 20th century design movement.
- Basic workshop skills using a variety of equipment including CAD/CAM with vinyl cutters, pillar drills and buffing machines.
Year 9
(2 x 9 week rotations)
First 9 weeks - Skills Building:
- Students produce a variety of permanent joints, experiment with a variety of surface decoration and finishes using different types of natural and manufactured made boards.

Second 9 weeks - Box of Curiosities:
- Students select a theme, permanent joint, type of surface decoration and finish for their themed box.
Year 10OCR Cambridge Nationals - Engineering: Design
Skill building through a series of Mini Projects which includes a variety of practical knowledge & design techniques.

Unit 1: Product Analysis - Learners gain practical experience of product analysis of engineered products through research, product assembly and disassembly procedures. Equates to 25% of the overall qualification.

Unit 2: Presenting Engineering Designs - Learners generate design ideas through a mixture of detailed hand rendering and computer-based presentation techniques including 2D and 3D computer-aided design. Equates to 25% of the overall qualification.

Unit 3: One hour written examination equating to 25% of overall qualification. Learners will demonstrate their understanding of the overall design process through study of the design cycle, requirements of a design specification to develop a new product and understanding of the wider influences on the design on new products.

Continuation of Unit 2 and delivery of Unit 4 to be delivered in Year 11.
Year 11OCR GCSE - Design & Technology
Unit 1: NEA (Non examined Assessment) - a problem solving activity based on iterative design process
- Equates to 50% of overall qualification

Unit 2: Written Examination
-Equates to 50% of overall qualification

Course finishing at the end of Year 11.