In English, we provide the very best opportunities to enable students to develop into confident, independent individuals with high aspirations. We encourage our students to make a positive contribution to their lessons, the campus community and wider society. We are dedicated to providing a highly inclusive environment where young people are encouraged to be respectful and tolerant so learning can flourish.  We are not just interested in teaching transferable skills. We love language and literature and know the power of the spoken and written word; we are able to journey through place and time and experience lives very different to our own. We teach empathy and understanding, and we celebrate difference. Our curriculum continually responds to the changing needs of our students and the times we live in; we pride ourselves in the diversity of texts studied and our student-centered approach to support each child to reach their potential. 

Please note we may amend the order and content of teaching dependent upon the needs
of each individual class.  English Language and English Literature are taught together at GCSE.

KS3 Schemes of Learning (SOL) are currently being reviewed for 2020 – 2021

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Years 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11Years 12 & 13
- English Language & English Literature (GCSE)
- Media Studies (GCSE)

A Level Subjects:
- English Language
- English Literature
- Technical Certificate in Digital Media