Music BTEC Course Content

Year Term 1Term 2Term 3
Year 12Unit 23 - Music Performance Techniques:
September - May
In this unit students focus on their skill development by working on strategies for effective practice. Students will identify short and long term goals and will produce a final solo and ensemble performance.

Unit 24 - Music Project:
September - December
Students will take part in the Christmas show. They will need to take on a performance role in the pit band and a production role.

Unit 30 - Pop Music:
January - June
Students will study the history of popular music from 1950’s until the present day. They will perform and compose songs in different styles from different decades and write an article on the development of popular music and technology.
Year 13Unit 33 - Solo music performance skills:
September - December
In this unit students will prepare a 20-30 minute recital of music which showcases their skills which they will have developed from year 12. They will need to carefully consider the music they choose and evaluate their performance.

Unit 40 - Ensemble:
January - April
Students will form an ensemble within the class. They will need to put on a performance which showcases excellent ensemble playing. They will also need to organise rehearsals and find material to perform

Unit 21 - Music in the Community:
March - June
Students will look at the role of community music making and it’s importance in society. Students will look at how different organisations provide community music. They will also plan and deliver a suitable musical workshop to a group of people in the community.