Production Arts BTEC Course Content

Year Term 1Term 2Term 3
Year 12Production Arts Workshop:
- During this unit, students will look at jobs behind the scenes and they will focus on one job in particular, which is of their choosing, and complete the role for two live productions.

Technical Stage Operations:
- In this unit, students will learn all the basic principles of Theatre technology, including Lighting, Sound, Video and Projection. They will learn how to operate the equipment in the Theatre and be expected to operate them for a live performance.

Stage Sound operations:
- Focussing wholly on sound in this unit, students will gain a knowledge of what sound is, how it is effected environmentally, and how to use sound equipment to a good basic level.
Year 13Production Arts Planning:
- This unit is the same as Production Arts workshop, but instead of just doing the job students will take creative control and take on a management role for two live performances.

Live Sound for the Stage:
- Again this looks deeper into sound to a much more professional level. They will work with multiple sound boards, learn different microphone techniques, be able to identify equipment and get the opportunity to work in own very own recording studio. They will also focus on Health and safety aspects of theatre and sound.

Automated Stage Lighting:
- As technology had developed, so has theatre lighting. They can no do multiple jobs, instead of just going on or off. Here students will learn to rig, connect and operate multiple pieces of ‘Intelligent’ lighting and be able to run complex tasks from the lighting desk.

If you choose to go for the 90 credit diploma, these units are also available:
- Stage Management, Assistant Stage Management, Stage Lighting Operations and Performing Arts Business.